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Xenia Melzer was born and raised in a small village in the South of Bavaria. Despite being an airhead and a dreamer, she managed to get through high school and college with surprisingly good grades. Since she had always been living in worlds built by her mind, she decided to study American, English and German Literature at the LMU in Munich, hoping to become even better acquainted with the worlds built by others.

It was there that she met her husband Michael and found out for the first time that reality has some really good, romantic stories to tell as well.

She’s currently living with her husband and two children in another small town in the South of Bavaria and teaching English and German at a Montessori school.

Gods of War: Casto is her first novel and also the first in a series she hopes will entertain, delight and intrigue readers everywhere. Casto will be out some time next year, published by DreamSpinner Press.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Xenia through the email provided at this site or leave a comment on her blog.

And no, she has never been to the Oktoberfest!

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