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Bruce Memblatt

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Bruce Memblatt is a native New Yorker and has studied Business Administration at Pace University. He has a great love for the theatre which led him to run a website devoted to composer Stephen Sondheim, which he’s lovingly maintained since 1996. He believes it’s his admiration for all things theatrical that drew him towards writing.

Bruce writes a weekly series for The Piker Press based on his short story “Dinner with Henry.” The first installment appeared in March of 2010.

His stories have been featured in such magazines as Strange Weird and Wonderful, Aphellion, SNM Horror Magazine, The Horror Zine, The Piker Press, Static Fiction, Dance Macrabe, Death Head Grin, A Golden Place, Eastown Fiction, Short Story Me! and The Feathertale Review. His short fiction eBook titled The Painter was released by Gypsy Shadow Publishing in February 2010. His short story “Pandora’s Surprise” has been for publihsed in the anthology from Pill Hill Press as “Pandora’s Nightmare: The Horror Unleashed.” His story “The Police Station” has been published in The Horror Zine's second anthlogy Twice The Terror.

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