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For about 20 years I have been writing fiction, a novel and short stories, offering a twist in the story line. Here is a list of my works to date:

1. Whispers from the Past (sci-fi thriller)
2. “The Stranger” (short story, humor)
3. “Myrtle’s Turn” (short story, horror)
4. The Icicle Murders (murder mystery)
5. “In the Eye of the Beholder” (short story, horror)
6. “Chester’s Most Unexcellent Adventure” (short essay, humor — soon to be published in an issue of Pet Friendly Magazine)
7. “Callie” (essay)
8. “A Scent of Jasmine” (short story)

I attended the Philadelphia Writers’ Conference, June 2006, and the Philadelphia Sci-Fi Conference, November 2006. I am a member of the Pen & Pencil Club of the University of Pennsylvania, as well as The Fox Rox Writers, an informal writing group meeting monthly which guides and encourages unpublished writers.

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