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Katherine L. Michaels

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Katherine lives in Colorado in the Denver area with an okay view of the mountains, if she’s standing on her roof. She works full time as a corrections nurse, and when she’s not at work she enjoys most kinds of needlework, writing and reading. She is owned by a Bengal house cat and shares a three-pound apricot toy poodle with her partner. His nickname is ‘The Tiny Terrorist,’ and he has a size perception problem; he thinks he’s a Rottweiler.

She had a poem published at age 12, but nothing since. (Maybe because you have to submit first?) She’s wanted to be an author since she first discovered that those little black marks on paper made such lovely stories.

Her favorite authors include Robert A. Heinlein, Mercedes Lackey and Laurell K. Hamilton.

Copyright © 2008 by Katherine L. Michaels

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