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R. J. Walker Miller

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R. J. Walker Miller is an author of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and poetry. His work has been sold to a number of print and online publications. These include NiteBlade, Fear and Trembling, Ray Gun Revival, Mindflights, Illumen, Scifaikuest, Everyday Poets, and a number of others.

When not writing or working at the office, R. J. enjoys reading mysteries (Best American) and SF (Reynolds, Card, Asimov), listening to New Age Jazz and piano (Wayne Gratz, Peter Kater), and spending time outdoors (hiking, fishing, and mountain biking).

He has been working as the poetry editor at Fear and Trembling Horror Magazine since April 2009, where he avidly (or perhaps obsessively) seeks to remove vampires from the slushpile. He is also a notorious Browncoat.

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