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Darby Mitchell

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Darby Mitchell: B.A. and M.A. from Wayne State University, Detroit; Ph.d. work in theatre at University of Utah. All but retired professor of English, Bay de Noc Community College, Escanaba, Michigan. Publisher, writer. I’ve published in ezines Underground Window, Word Riot, Oracular Tree (among others). I’ve got quite a few reincarnation, ghost, and otherwise supernatural stories in the category of creative non-fiction. Eventually I plan to publish these as a book. Please see my books at my website Castle Publishing. The site can be contacted by e-mail.

Copyright © 2005 by Darby Mitchell

Bewildering Stories bibliography

Poetry Prose Fiction
There’s Been a Llama Sighted
Star Child
There is a Place
I Saw God
The Gift of Apples
A Net to Catch a Silver Fish
Love is a Harpy
The Ghost of Mr. Renner
Fish Story
Bo Peep II and the Universal Law of Karma
The Car That Wouldn’t Go

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