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Mari Mitchell is a dyslexic writer who has been trying to tell a few good tales.

She is married, to an almost trained husband (Matt). She has two sons (Nick and Quentin), two uppity pet rats (Ben and Nicodemus AKA Baby: who are working on taking over house and then the world!) and one VERY round cat (Inigo: Who is also taking over the house but with fur, girth, purrs and sleep).

She has many interests: Cooking (i.e., eating), avoiding housework, movies (horror, SF, fantasy mostly), reading (see list of movies, including black & white, and foreign), history, sewing, speaking to myself, repeating myself, music, animals, fairy tales, folk tales, ghost, vampires, witchcraft, historical murders (Jack the Ripper, Lizzie Borden are two examples), art and writing, which she does most days.

At one time she traveled, was a member of the SCA and Fair as either a pirate or a gypsy. She played several musical instruments, can cook most things without aid of cookbook, can sew most things without the aid of a pattern and loved making costumes that she wore to several SF conventions.

Nowadays she generally stays in her small home where she makes up silly songs when in a good mood, almost always at her Mac, reading something, researching and trying to write a good tale.

If you were to come to her home, she would offer you a slice of homemade chocolate cake and a large cup of coffee; she might invite you would play a board or card game, or watch a good movie where she would force you to speak about it afterwards.

And when you were not looking, she would place you into one of many tales, where something nasty will more than likely happen, so you had better be nice.

Copyright © 2007 by Mari Mitchell

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