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Lee Moan

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In 2007, my stories will appear in various print and online publications, including: Hub, Jupiter SF, Chimaera Serials, Sorcerous Signals, and Revelation 4:1.

I am currently living on the south coast of England with my wife and three children. By day I work in a neighbourhood nursery, where I am training for an NVQ3 (National Vocational Qualification) in Childcare. I am also studying for an Open University degree in Literature (three years down, four to go!) And somewhere amidst all that, I write stories.

One of my earliest influences was Stephen King, whose books and stories I began reading in my early teens (which may account for my rather warped view of the world). Later literary heroes include Terry Brooks, Ray Bradbury, Terry Pratchett, Michael Chabon, John Irving, China Mieville, HG Wells, Douglas Adams, Tolkien... the list goes on.

I had my first short story acceptance in September 2004, a flash fiction piece entitled ‘Probability and Chaos’, which appeared in issue 76 of Antipodean SF. Since then I’ve had around thirty stories accepted, some in print, some on the web, but all of which I am proud of.

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