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Ché Frances Monro

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I was born in 1971 and named Ché, after Ché Guevara. I’m a forty-year old dreamer from Melbourne, Australia. I suffer from mental illness characterized by depression, anxiety and mood changes. I’ve spent much of my life struggling to define my identity — what it means to be me. For a few years I’ve been writing stories about clones.

I’m fascinated by identity: how we create ourselves, the masks we wear. I’m intrigued by power, gender, and free will. My stories often revolve around issues of who defines our identity, the social forces that control us, and the struggle to become free, self-actualized human beings.

I’m also interested in the impact of technology on what it means to be human: particularly cloning and genetic engineering, but also bio-cybernetics and mind control.

I tend to write “soft” science fiction, or space opera. In general my focus is on people, societies and relationships more than space battles.

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