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Francis Mont

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I have been living in Canada for the past 44 years, after I emigrated from my native Hungary where I studied science and received a degree in Theoretical Physics. Over the years I did research, application and teaching in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science.

I am interested in profound questions, both in science and in social philosophy. I am a “big picture” person, focusing on fundamental principles and the defining essence of the topic at hand. I also pursue independence and self-reliance to the best of my abilities, as my solar power system and year-round greenhouse demonstrate.

I write poetry, play classical violin, dabble at wood carving and have not yet stopped building the house where I, my wife and five and a half cats (five resident, one vagrant) live. To date I have self-published a book on Physics, a poetry collection, a novella and a short story. This was my first attempt to be published by other, more objective publishers. It has been a humbling experience and I loved every minute of it.

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