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My name is Lee Morris. I am from rural East Texas. I live in a small town and I own a farm that belonged to my grandfather.

“Javelin Warriors” is my first published work of fiction. The little feline heroine is modeled after my own cat, Ittai. My Ittai is a brave, joyous, loving little soul who I rescued from a magnolia tree in my back yard two winters ago.

My Ittai sat in my lap on the morning I drafted the story. Her frail courage and extravagant love for me inspired the little spirit cat. The cat of my story never gave up and never failed and she always defeated the evil of our time.

I am a psychotherapist. I have worked in university administration and for the Public Health Service. I teach, intermittently, at Texarkana College in Texarkana, Texas.

I received an undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin and I hold graduate degrees, including a doctorate, from the Texas A&M University system.

I have written articles for professional journals, published newsletters and monographs, and scripted radio series. Last year I coauthored a book of devotionals called Unbroken Circle.

I am committed to helping animals and I donate my time and resources to animal welfare charities. My website at is collection of animal stories written to support the Texarkana Humane Society.

Thank you for reading my story. I am proud and happy to have it published in one of the best science fiction webzines on the Internet.

Copyright © 2009 by Lee Morris

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