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Swan Morrison is the pen name of Brian Huggett.

Brian lives with his wife and two cats in Hampshire, England.

He has been publishing work via various Internet websites since 2001 and managed the Booger Prize for Short Humour on the Scoop the Loot competition website. He currently manages The Short Humour Site.

Publications in print include his regular contributions to the Spanish magazine Costa Tropical News and contribution to the Canadian humour magazine, Horizon.

A Man of Few Words - The Short Humour of Swan Morrison is the first printed compilation of his work. Excerpts can be read at The Short Humour Site. The paperback or a download can be obtained from that site. The paperback can also be purchased from most online booksellers and

The sequel to A Man of Few Words called A Man of a Few More Words is a work in progress which can also be read at The Short Humour Site.

All profits from the writings of Swan Morrison are donated to the UK registered charity, Friends of Teso (Uganda).

Copyright © 2009 by Swan Morrison

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