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I work as a manager in the Molding department of an international manufacturer of electronic connectors. Married 29 years to the same woman. Two grown kids. Two small grandchildren.

Discovered I could write in high school but only began doing so in a serious fashion three years ago. Well, not too serious. More personal therapy than anything else. I tend to play music while writing, usually light jazz, Radiohead, Bjork or blues. Like to read Amy Tan, Barbara Kingsolver, Raymond Carver and Ernest Hemingway.

I have poems and short stories on Voicesnet, The Pedestal magazine, Writer's Cabaret, Peshekee River Poetry and technical articles in The Cycle Times. Am a Poet-In-Residence at Voicesnet and have a regular Arts Blog featured on the Voicesnet Visions Literary Journal, free subscriptions available at Voicesnet.

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