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Peter Ninnes

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I am a writer and education consultant based in Sydney, Australia. I’ve lived or worked in various far-flung places, including Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, East Timor, Thailand, the United States, Namibia, Bangladesh, and, most recently, Japan.

I have an intense interest in Japanese language, traditional stories, ghosts, mountains, ski slopes, and hot springs. My non-fiction and translation works include Legendary Nagano: Folk Tales and Legends from the Roof of Japan (23 stories in English, translated from Japanese with Sachiko Miyairi), the Hiking, Walking and Biking Nagano series of travel guides (four volumes), and The Nagano Onsen Guide: The Top 100 Day-Use Hot Springs, all of which are available on

My short story ”The Last Day of Spring,” which recounts the adventures of a rogue North Korean ballistic missile, recently appeared in Tincture Journal.

You can find me on Facebook.

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