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Rachel V. Olivier

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Rachel Olivier works part time as Gal Friday at the Larchmont Chronicle (Los Angeles) and also freelances as a proofreader and copy editor and sometimes even a writer whilst dodging thwapping cat tails. As Los Angeles goes through its seasons — fires, mudslides, riots, and earthquakes — she watches the jacaranda bloom, smells the eucalyptus, and looks to the Hollywood sign (it’s a good way to test for air clarity).

Other stories and poetry by Rachel can be found on her website at Click on “Published Work” to get a list. You can find her here at Bewildering Stories, as well as in Aoife’s Kiss, Beyond Centauri, Electric Velocipede, and Her most recent novella, "The G.O.D. Factor," can be found at Sam's Dot Publishing or read as an excerpt here at BwS.

You can also find her on Twitter @rachelvolivier or on Facebook at

Copyright © 2009, 2011 by Rachel V. Olivier

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