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I am to be be published in the upcoming May-June issue 2005 issue of Monday Night and have been published on the Internet in zines such as Blue Mag, Polyphony, etc. and have also had a one-page play performed in Buffalo, New York at the Colloquial Theatre and by an adult education class in Rome, Italy.

The title of the play is “The Letter L.” It’s about a girl who finds a crumpled-up wad of awful poetry on the floor. When she reads it, she falls for the owner, who is sitting on a bar stool, drinking to forget the girl who threw it in his face. As the minute hand goes toward 12, the heartbroken boyfriend pulls out a chair for the girl.

Two years ago, I answered a call for one-minute plays at a website and found out later as I flew up to Buffalo, New York, in between record-setting snowfalls, that a new professional children’s theatre was performing the play. It had a second performance thanks to an online friend from Italy who asked to read it and then asked to direct it for an adult education class.

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