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Richard Ong

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Richard Ong
Richard Ong is an IT specialist in business intelligence who currently lives and works in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His previous life included a career in the sciences, such as chemistry and pharmaceutical technology.

Several of his short stories have appeared in both current and past issues of Yesterday’s Magazette since 2008. Other published work can be found in past issues of The Perspiring Writer and Yesterday’s Magazette Wordpress sister site.

The artist would like to give special thanks to his art instructor, Jacqueline Treloar, a mentor and friend, whose unique style, enthusiasm and passion for the visual arts has placed her as one of the best-known and most highly accredited painters in Canada today. You can visit her art gallery at: Jacqueline Treloar’s Art Studio.

Copyright © 2010-present by Richard Ong

Bewildering Stories interviews Richard Ong.

Bewildering Stories bibliography

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