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Eric Otto

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I am an associate professor at Florida Gulf Coast University (“Dunk City”), where I teach Environmental Humanities as well as courses in the Interdisciplinary Studies minor. Oh, and then there’s the large-lecture course I team-teach, in which my colleagues and I subject students to four apocalypses (nuclear war, the Singularity, environmental disaster, and one that starts with a Z) in an effort to teach them critical thinking skills. (It works; I have the data... and the surveillance.)

I am an environmental science fiction scholar. My academic work includes the book Green Speculations: Science Fiction and Transformative Environmentalism (2012, The Ohio State University Press) as well as a chapter in the forthcoming book Green Planets: Ecology and Science Fiction (Wesleyan University Press).My poetry appears or is forthcoming in Aphelion, Star*Line, and Scifaikuest.

I live in Naples, Florida with my awesome wife and daughter — the former, a professional vegan chef; the latter, a brilliant artist and thinker. I’m not as cool as they are.

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