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Jerine Pace Watson is a native Houstonian with lengthy periods living elsewhere such as California, Washington, Oregon, and a year teaching English to the employees of friends in Brazil; she is fluent in Spanish so managed to flounder passably well in faltering Portuguese.

She earned a BA from Southern Methodist University in Dallas and. as time so often persists, years went by as she married and reared four sons in Corpus Christi, Texas.

When in San Diego, she enjoyed popular appreciation of her “women’s” poetry and atypical short stories, mostly of the whimsical genre. She also was cast in a Tennessee Williams play at the Old Globe and was awarded Best Supporting Actress for that season.

She has worked steadily as a freelance editor and ghostwriter and has written rivers of poems, both deliberately cleansing as well as many replete with the double entendre and also comedic ones for the shared smiles.

She now lives alone and writes daily — and nightly — and is besotted to have been alive when the computer was born. In closing, she is humbly appreciative of anyone caring enough to read her thoughts and is forever grateful for the opportunity to write for her heart’s need and for anyone else who cares to read any of it.

The most serious problem she has now is remembering to stand up once in a while to stretch otherwise she might turn into an atrophied apparition, frozen in a gleeful curve, leaning over the keyboard forever.

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