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Sunayna Pal

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Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Sunayna Pal moved to the USA after her marriage. A double post-graduate from XLRI and Annamalai University, she worked in the corporate world for five odd years before braking the chains to embark on her heart’s pursuits.

She started an NPO to teach and sell art for NGOs and became a certified handwriting analyst to help people understand themselves better by using a mix of graphotherapy, healing and affirmations.

She is a new mother and devotes all her free time to writing and Heartfulness. She loves gardening and photography and likes writing from her daily life experience in her blog at

Many of her articles and poems have been published in magazines and sites. She is a proud contributor of many international anthologies. Her name has appeared in The Hindu, Women’s Era, Criterion, Rhymes and Rhythm, and Silver Birch Press.

She is currently working on a anthology of 51 stories of people who are of South Asian origin and have an experience to share of USA.

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