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Danielle Parker
Ms. Parker has been a fan of the speculative fiction and mystery genres since she was a teenager reading illicit Andre Norton, A. E. van Vogt, and C. L. Moore paperbacks by flashlight on do-your-homework school nights. College, with a dual major in computer science and accounting and a so-far-inexplicable minor in German, followed. A subsequent career in information technology and telecommunications, where she worked on everything from submarines to police systems to giant call center implementations, didn’t stop her enjoyment of the worlds of sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, and classic horror.

So, after a vicious kick in the teeth and penniless kiss-off by a certain imploding telecommunications giant once proudly known as Lucent Technologies, she decided she ought to have more fun than carrying a company laptop and wearing a stodgy suit and pinching shoes had provided so far and started writing.

Her first novel, The Infinite Instant, came out in September 2008 and won the 2009 EPPIE award for Best Science Fiction. She has finished its sequel, The Nihilistic Mirror. She is at work on the third Minuet James novel, Knight of Faith, while she looks for a publisher/agent for the series.

Bewildering Press has published the collected Captain Blunt stories, first read here in Bewildering Stories, in the anthology In a Pig's Eye. The work is available from Bewildering Press and in Amazon's Kindle store. Check out Jerry Wright's cover art for the anthology. Fans of the golden age of pulp science fiction and classic horror should love the collection.

She has also just completed her second novel, a dark science fiction titled Artorius Ascendant, and is now in the painful, frustrating process of finding a publisher for the book. Artorius Ascendant is a novel-length expansion of a short story that first appeared in Bewildering Stories. She is also at work on a sequel.

In addition, her “Bats of Elvidner” story, first published in Bewildering Stories, will be republished in a print anthology by Pulp Empire. Ms. Parker plans more Elvidner stories for both Pulp Empire and Bewildering Stories.

Her reviews may be read regularly here at BwS. In spite of all that writing and a serious near-sighted problem, she still manages to read, read, read!

Copyright © 2005-2014 by Danielle L. Parker

Bewildering Stories bibliography

Prose Fiction
The Curse of the Dog-Faced Mummy
Galen the Deathless
Rock Bottom and Up
The Thief of Joy and Light, part 1;
parts 2, 3, 4, 5
Lucretia’s New Mattress
The Homecoming
Beautiful Poppies
The Bats of Elvidner
The Dream Miners
The Embrace of the Four-Armed Houri
Beloved Ghosts
Death King
Tower of Sighs

Mad World Band chapters 1-4; 5-7; 8-9; 10
Non-fiction   The Value of Bewildering Stories

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