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My interest in the written word began in middle school where I experienced my first crush — on books. My walk-in closet became my reading lair, complete with my dad’s army cot, sheets hanging from shelves, and an old lamp that doubled as a potential incendiary device.

In high school, my writing skills flourished in the academic world and led me to Clemson University, where I earned a degree in Marketing. I worked in the world of advertising as a media buyer, copy editor, and production manager before switching my focus to spawning little human beings.

Now I pen young adult short stories and novels. Bewildering Stories was brave enough to publish my debut story, “Time Hoarders,” and I have two stories coming out in an anthology this summer.

If you are interested in cosmetic reviews or young adult book reviews, check out my Tumblr. You can also find me on the weekends at the local dog park with my Otterhound or with my fabulous writing critique group, whose pastime is ripping prose to shreds.

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