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Bruce Pavalon

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Born in Chicago, Bruce Pavalon only grunted and groaned until he was almost five years-old. He began writing when he was twelve years old. After returning home from summer camp in Wisconsin, Bruce discovered his parents had put the family dog down without telling him. In response, Bruce wrote the poem, “Daisy, My Dog Taken by a Needle.” Ever since, Bruce has been habitually writing.

Bruce spent several winters in Minnesota where he read lots of books, delivered lots of pizza, and did some other redacted stuff. After a long lonely Minnesota winter, he migrated southwest to Los Angeles and reunited with his girlfriend, whom he eventually married. Bruce still lives and works in Los Angeles with his wife, a couple of children, a couple of dogs, a couple of cats, and a very scared bird. “Space Girl Blues” is Bruce’s first publication.

Note: Immediately after writing this Bio, Bruce changed all his security questions on all his Internet accounts, credit cards, insurance policies, fantasy football leagues, Cat Owners’ Organizations, and a few other redacted accounts. No information found within this bio can or will help hackers or identity thieves.

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