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Niklas Peinecke

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Niklas Peinecke has been a science fiction enthusiast since the age of four, when he saw a scene shot from The Empire Strikes Back in a popular science magazine. He started drawing SF cartoons but never really tried writing, except for a clumsy “Hobbit” imitation at age eight.

He has studied mathematics, computer science and sociology.

In 2005, while finishing his Ph.D. thesis, he started writing short fiction. His second story “Die denkende Scheune” (The Thinking Barn) was immediately published in an online zine. Since then his stories have appeared in several German magazines and anthologies. Although his main focus is science fiction he has also published fantasy and fairy tales.

“A Countdown for Your Security” is his third SF story and was his first sell to a magazine. Furthermore, it is his first appearance in an English language publication.

Niklas lives in Hannover, Germany, the city of Expo 2000. He has never had a cat. His German laguage blog and a complete list of publications can be found at

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