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Byron Petrakis

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Byron Petrakis lives and teaches in southern New Hampshire. After teaching at the Universities of Kentucky and North Carolina at Charlotte for 14 years, he took a 19-year “sabbatical” to work with his wife in her family’s restaurant business in New Hampshire. He emerged from the cauldron of that experience older and wiser and returned to teaching at a small fine arts college in rural New Hampshire. He has also taught junior high school in Massachusetts.

A believer in long-term temporal and spatial commitments, he has been married since 1967; he has also run 16 marathons as of 2012 and is planning on more. He has participated in one in his ancestral homeland of Greece, where he continues to experience the workings of the ancient gods while on his travels.

He has been published in venues as diverse as The Wine Spectator and Philological Quarterly. “The Arrows of Apollo” is his first webzine publication.

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