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William J. Piovano

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I started writing fiction when I decided that I could do better than Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park. I was ten years old, and my solution was to mix the dinosaurs with mummies and a special thing called a “Stargate.”

In the years that followed, Tolkien, Jordan, Martin and then Carey took me by the hand and gave me the necessary inspiration to craft works which helped the editors at Analog and Realms of Fantasy cringe with dismay. I’m surprised they even bothered with rejection letters. Despite bearing laziness as my number one trademark, however, I insisted with writing and submitting and continued to dream of my name on the Waterstones shelves...

Today I’m a peculiar Italian student in London, wandering lost through a soul-bleeding Department of Computing in search of my English degree, and yet enjoying diverse work. Every night I plop into my bed with my stone-heavy gaming laptop, and hack away at the latest dream my mind has contrived. A picture of my graceful cat (and queen) Mizzy winks at me from the bedside to help me along, accompanied by a few other gadgets which remind me of Shire Italy and Rivendell Sweden, the places where it all began.

I’ve not gotten into Analog yet, nor into any of my other childhood publishing ambitions, but I like to think that I’m a few steps closer than velociraptors in abandoned alien pyramids.

Copyright © 2007 by William J. Piovano

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Reflections on a Recursive Faustus (in 2 parts)
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