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Ronald Polizzi

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My name is Ronald Polizzi known among my friends as simply Ron. I am a native of Mobile, Alabama where I live with my wife Susan, to whom I’ve been married for 30 wonderful years as of last March.

I teach Art in an inner-city high school and hold a Bachelors degree in Fine art and a Masters in Education Ironically, the school where I teach is the one I graduated from in the late sixties.

I began writing at an early age probably a side effect of a love of books and language. Regardless I’ve played with it all these many years. Recently I began work on my first novel tenatively titled “Heart of Dixie.”

I am also a musician with a deep love of the blues, delta blues in particular and do my best to emulate my two guitar heroes Eric Clapton and Robert Johnson.

Copyright © 2007 by Ronald Polizzi

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