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Ken Poyner

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Most of my early poetry is more mainstream. Of late, I’ve been bending towards speculative poetry and science fiction. I branched out into fiction in 2011, and have published around 100 flash fiction pieces, mostly of the surreal and speculative flavor.

Early poetry collections Cordwood (22 Press, 1985) and Sciences, Social (Palanquin Press, 1995) are long out of print. The Book of Robot is nominated for the SFPA’s Elgin award, but I’d bet good money it will not win.

His poetry lately has been sunning in Analog, Asimov’s, Poet Lore; and his fiction has yowled in Spank the Carp, Red Truck, Café Irreal.

Ken’s collections of short fiction, Constant Animals and Avenging Cartography, and his latest collections of speculative poetry, Victims of a Failed Civics and The Book of Robot, can be obtained from Barking Moose Press, as well as Amazon and most on-line book outlets.

He serves as bewildering eye-candy at his wife’s power-lifting affairs, where she continues to set world raw power-lifting records.

You can visit his website at

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