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Kumaar Pradhan

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I am a sr. citizen from Dombivli, Maharashtra, India. I am a Bachelor in Economics. I have a pair of post-graduate diplomas in Marketing Management and Advertising & Mass Communication. I am also a commercial artist.

After my stints in several Ad Agencies in Mumbai, India on senior management levels, I am now a Consultant in Advertising and PR.

I have taught Advertising Theory in Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai for nearly a decade as a visiting faculty member.

I consider myself a disciple of David O’Gilvy though I have had no occasion to meet him.

Though in professional circle I am known as Vijay Pradhan, I write under my home name Kumar Pradhan, which is widely known in my private circle. I am planning to publish a book of my stories soon.

Copyright © 2010 by Kumar Pradhan

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