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Prospero Pulma, Jr.

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I am from the Philippines where I work at home and find writing more satisfying than daydreaming of orcs, elves, and frustrated writers. The editors of Alfie Dog Fiction, Every Day Fiction, Every Day Poets, Flashes in the Dark, Pure Slush, Short-Story.Me, and have published my works on their e-zines.

In the Philippines, my works have appeared on Very Short Stories for Harried Readers, The Filipino as a Liberal: Selected Essays on Liberalism and the Philippine Condition, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star,, Philippine Graphic, and Philippine Panorama (Manila Bulletin).

Every Day Fiction has selected one of my flash fiction stories for its fourth anthology. Yes, I have blogs, one on Blogger and another on Wordpress, where I post my published works and drivel that I hope will pass for writing.

Copyright © 2013 by Prospero Pulma, Jr.

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