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Elyss G. Punsalan

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Elyss Punsalan works as a marketing manager in a company that sells millions of lipsticks every year. When she’s not crunching numbers or thinking up stories, Elyss spends her time bonding with family and friends, watching romantic comedies, and looking for adventure. Her most recent foray involves setting up possibly the first blog dedicated to podcasting Filipino fiction, Pakinggan Pilipinas.

Some of Elyss's published works can be found in the anthologies A Time for Dragons, Philippine Speculative Fiction, Matchmade, Philippine Genre Stories, and Story Philippines. Her fiction has also been included online in The Best of Philippine Speculative Fiction 2009.

“Pursuit of the Litaniera,” which appears here in Bewildering Stories, was a finalist for Prose in the 3rd Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards.

Copyright © 2010 by Elyss G. Punsalan

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