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Who ever ran over a whale and what happened? The whale is the anomaly. I was born and grew up in the endlessly fascinating New York Metro area, which for me ran from the Hackensack Meadows across Jersey City and Manhattan to the East River. The land was joined into a single playground by tunnels, trains, bridges and ferry boats.

As a kid in the pre-electronics age I liked stories, reading and movies. Radio stretched my imagination to visualize those well-told tales. As I grew into adult years, my world grew wider and farther until my zig-zag adventures took me half way around the world. What intrigued me were the revealing behaviors of people I met, their unpredictability, the unexpected.

My career profile was normal for the time: school, military, business. Sounds prosaic enough until one works his way higher in each field. I guess the climbs were because of my impatience with slow or no action. In the doing, I picked up the nickname of “Action Jack.” Except for running over the whale, everything else was people action, all kinds, with all kinds of results.

I did start writing finally. The interesting fact I learned is that people are unpredictable and encounters rarely end with all the loose ends tied up. I think that shows up in my stories and books. Life is not neat, and everything doesn’t turn out just so. I’ve written two novels and a non-fiction book which are on Amazon Kindle. And a number of short stories have reached publication while others lounge around waiting for rewrite or farewell.

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