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Simon John Cox

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I was born in 1977. Elvis died when I was five months old; I don’t remember where I was. I grew up, as is traditional, and went to school. A woman went to war over some distant islands, and a man lost his face but kept his moustache. I got a bike for my birthday.

I went to secondary school, and I stayed there for a long time. I ate fish fingers and chips as a wall fell on television. They had to change our geography textbooks.

I went to university. Six billion people were alive on earth and when a woman died in a car crash people who didn’t know her cried. I got that day off.

I came back from university and I had wrinkled fingers and a degree in chemistry. I took a job in London. The millennium ended but the world didn’t.

I took a job in Crawley. The day the aeroplanes flew into the skyscrapers the sky over Gatwick was empty. I wrote a book. Nobody wanted to publish it. I started writing another. I submitted a short story to an online magazine. Here we are.

Copyright © 2006, 2010 by Simon John Cox,
a.k.a. Ecks Ridgehead

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