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Andy Riverbed

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Andy Riverbed, at the ripe age of nine saw the film The Man with the Golden Arm. Since then he has been a master drummer. He was a member of the infamous Reggaeton/Punk Rock band Simmer Down the Gasoline. He was booted due to problems of addiction and alcoholism. Once in a a drunken stupor, he defecated in a disposable diaper he was wearing onstage and threw it into the crowd. The crowd responded by sexually violating him.

Andy Riverbed can be contacted for suggestions on how to live a fulfilling life at: or at

He has a self-help book coming out next month called “If It Doesn’t Work, Smack It. If It Still Doesn’t Work, Smash It.” It was written during a week-long drinking binge with Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Copyright © 2007 by Andy Riverbed

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