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Frank Roger was born in 1957 in Ghent, Belgium (as Frank Roger Florimond De Cuyper).

He studied philology, majoring in English, at the University of Ghent, graduating in 1981 with a dissertation on Philip K. Dick.

His first story appeared In 1975 in the Belgian magazine SF-Magazine, followed by many others, all signed Frank Roger, in a wide variety of Belgian and Dutch magazines and anthologies.

From the late eighties onwards, he also started writing in English and translating his work into French. Since then his stories appear in an increasing number of languages in all sorts of magazines, anthologies and other venues, and since 2000, story collections are published, also in various languages. Apart from fiction, he also produces collages and graphic work in a surrealist and satirical tradition.

By now he has more than 500 short story publications (including a few short novels) to his credit in 22 languages: Dutch, English (USA, UK, Ireland), German, Danish, Icelandic, Afrikaans, French, Spanish (Spain and Argentina), Portuguese, Greek, Romanian, Russian, Polish, Albanian, Lithuanian, Breton, Welsh, Finnish, Hungarian, Hebrew, Chinese and Esperanto. Everything seems to indicate that this list of publications and languages will grow even more impressive.

He was Guest of Honour at two science fiction conventions: LausitzCon 3 in Hoyerswerda (Germany), September-October 1995, and Distichon / Beneluxcon 26 in Blankenberge (Belgium), November 2004.

Critics describe his work as a blend of genres and styles: fantasy, satire, surrealism, science fiction and black humour, all constantly cross-pollinating each other.

His website can be visited by clicking here.

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