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Rick Rose photo Rick Rose lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife, Carolyn and their sweet dog, Kita. Rick writes mostly speculative fiction, residing in our world but with something out of whack; birds that can speak to people or going back in time whenever you sneeze. Rick holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology (yes it’s his degree).

His first novel, The First Bird will be released in April 2006 by Inkwell Productions. Theo is the President’s parrot, and the bird tells the tale of the search for The Bad Karma Diamond. For more information see The First Bird or Inkwell Productions.

Rick plays a Fender Stratocaster through custom pedals powered by a Marshall amp. His favorite artists include Calexico, Neil Young and Maglich. He’s available for private parties and motivational speaking through his website. Favorite movie quote: “You don’t know what you can’t do,” from Runaway Train.

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