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Anthony Santulli

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Anthony Santulli is a New Jersey born writer. Normally, he would use this space to present a lengthy discourse on why living in New Jersey is actually better than most people think, but due to editing constraints he has opted not to. Instead, he offers you the (very) brief story of his literary life.

In second grade (a time when most people were busy studying for the SATs) Anthony Santulli wrote a 120-page response to Captain Underpants. In third grade, a classmate showed him a naked woman for the first time and he struggled to understand the human form in his writing from that point on.

He spent all of middle school and high school honing his craft, a lifestyle choice that ultimately alienated him from any and all human contact. He was awarded for his achievements in the form of a “Most Likely to Write a Bestseller” superlative, a title he gladly accepted. You can follow him on Twitter (@AnthonySantulli) and read more of his fiction online at Literary Orphans, Bartleby Snopes, Trench Foot Gazette, and decomP.

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