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I have been writing for most of my life, ever since I was ten years old. For at least some of that time I’ve been writing well. After getting my BA in Film Production with a Philosophy minor, I spent many years in the indie film game before coming back to my first love: short story writing. And sometimes wonder why I ever left.

I’ve some modest success so far. My most recent publications have been in Abstract Jam’s June 2016 issue, The Scarlet Leaf Review and Literally Stories, both in July 2016, Phantaxis’ inaugural issue in November 2016 and, most recently, in Sick Lit in May 2017. You can check out all of these via the links on my fiction page on my professional website at

Born in Kansas City yet raised in New Hampshire, I’m currently living in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and paying the bills with freelance video editing. Otherwise, I like to read in coffeehouses.

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