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I started writing a bit later in life, about eight years ago, first with Marvel comics fan fiction and then science fiction and a little alternate history. I considered writing adult fiction but my wife was not so keen on this idea. I’ve had three collections of short science fiction stories, a collection of short stories of the gods of Asgard (e-book only), and two science fiction novellas published. All but one of these is self-published.

My books can be found on the Lulu and Amazon sites.

I’ve had seven flash fiction stories published on the Antipodean SF site and several stories pod cast on the Beam Me Up Podcast site.

During 2011 I wrote a 12-part Alien Hunter series for the Golden Visions science fiction site which remained on the net until late July 2012 when that site closed down. That series is now a novella entitled Alien Hunter, Star Trooper.

I do consulting work as an economist and accountant for various Australian Government Departments and occasionally provide them with actuarial advice. In times past I had more jobs than I can ever remember, including assorted factory work, farm work, grape-picking, sundry clerical positions, insurance agent, and painter at an oil refinery. I have also worked as a furniture removalist.

Born in England, I emigrated with my family to Australia in 1963. I have lived in Canberra, Australia for the past 37 years with my wife Joy. I have a married daughter, Kristen, and a young grandson, James.

You can find me on facebook as David K Scholes Science Fiction Author.

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