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Bewildering Stories

William G. Schweizer

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The author has resided in Southern California almost long enough to pass for a native despite the occasional pang of nostalgia for snow falling on steam grates, pizza by the slice, and Jones Beach.

Enjoyments are movies (Manhattan locales — caper flicks — film noir), California history, Linda’s biscotti, Linda, Saturday football, the ocean (either one), and, once in a while, serene travel. His fiction has been published in the Los Angeles Times, Thieves Jargon, River Walk Journal, Bewildering Stories, Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine, Green Silk, Lunarosity, The Cynic Online Magazine, Skive, Static Movement Online (frequent contributor), Crime and Suspense, and Mysterical E.

Copyright © 2008 by William G. Schweizer

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Prose Fiction
The Drama Major
A Purpose in Liquidity (in 2 parts)

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