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There is someone out there who teaches in a Canadian university and who has published a few academic articles about French-Caribbean literature and magical realism. That person was born and raised in France and moved to Canada (quite by accident) 17 years ago.

Even though that person still has dozens of unfinished stories in French stashed in a file somewhere, it was during a creative writing course that they realized that writing in English was incredibly enjoyable and something that, quite strangely, made a lot of sense to them, especially when their first ever story in English received an “Honorable Mention” from the Writers of the Future contest.

Slowly but surely, this person became J. F. Sebastian. Me! There is not much to say about me because I am quite new, but also because it takes me forever to write anything. I blame this “other person”” for that because, apparently, they are quite busy, or so they keep saying.

If you’re really curious about me well, I can say that I live in Toronto and that I don’t own quirkily named pets or exotic animals.

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