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Deborah Shrimplin

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I am a late bloomer. I have just begun my journey as a writer. My career as a Reading Specialist and caretaker left few moments to play with words, characters, plot lines, arcs, etc.

In my twenties, I traveled the world teaching in England, Australia, Algeria and New Mexico. In my thirties, I taught in a Title I elementary school.

My dream of becoming a private pilot was fulfilled. I studied Anthropology, photography and the culinary arts. I buried two parents, fought home invaders, identity thieves, work harassment and, several times, nursed a broken heart.

Now I’m retired and live a peaceful life in the Pacific Northwest, I study the birds, trees and sunsets. My mind tells me short stories to write. I play with the mental pictures, google “How do I write a short story?” and feel a John Denver “natural high” when the editors at Bewildering Stories write “Congratulations”! My first. Thank you.

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