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I live in Delaware with my wife, six-year old son, and black Labrador. I’ve been reading fantasy, science fiction and horror since the eighties.

Born with a congenital defect called Aniridia, I’ve been legally blind since birth. My poor eyesight, however, has not stopped me from reading, writing, and playing computer games. Strategy games, both computerized and board, enthrall me.

I am an avid movie and TV watcher, but I’ve become an unapologetic snob over the years. Most of the shows I follow are on the cable networks: AMC, HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and FX.

Always the clown, I love to joke and laugh. If I weren’t so shy in front of crowds, I might have ended up as a stand-up comic. Apparently, I’m drawn to professions that don’t pay well.

I have a published interview with an idol of mine, George R.R. Martin, in a core role-playing book based on A Song of Ice and Fire.

My first published short story was called “Seeding Day” and is about an alien’s biological invasion of Earth. Next came “Another Life,” a time-travel story with a twist. Then “A Dose of Treachery,” a wicked revenge story that starts out reading like a standard fantasy tale, but isn’t one.

Then “Inalienable Right,” appearing here at Bewildering Stories. “Inalienable Right” is one of my favorites and has been bouncing around my head for at least five years. Amanda is one of my favorite creations and I had a blast writing her. Sadly, about half of her dialog with Naresh ended up on the cutting-room floor.

My take on a Russian folktale called “The Lunatic Queen” will appear in an anthology later this year.

I love all of my short stories, but my first love is my WiP, a gigantic fantasy series planned as a tetralogy. I’ve finished first drafts of the first two books, but edits and rewrites will keep me busy for a long, long time.

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