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Pete Sierra

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As to the bio, I’ll pass. I’m more of a philosopher than a fiction writer. I consider my life just a poorly written fiction with no heavenly editor to correct mistakes. Our names are a hollow sound, our life a trail of smoke. There are hundreds of Petes around, one inside the head of each person who knows me. Which one is the real one? The one in my head? The one in my wife’s head? The one who died with my mother? What would it add to my reality to multiply those images of Pete in the mind of readers, with just a few facts about what I have done? Probably, this thoughts tell you more than facts, and most of my thoughts are in my short stories.

The main aim of my stories is to make people think about life’s contradictions. Humans generally love to enjoy life, but their beliefs and actions often work against their best interests; they create problems, or give inadequate responses. My stories and characters reflect that lack of logic and irrationality.

Copyright © 2007 by Pete Sierra

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