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Willie Smith

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Willie Smith photo by Susan J. Sanders

photo by Susan J. Sanders
Willie Smith is utterly bewildered by human existence. His work pursues this vertigo. He is unemployed. He enjoys reciting to the walls of his study Ronsard’s sonnet from Sur la mort de Marie beginning “Comme on voit sur la branche au mois de mai la rose...

“Solid Gas” first appeared at Corpse, where another handful of his stories are archived. His trash may also be picked through at Thieves’ Jargon, Zygote in My Coffee and elsewhere. His online story collection Dada After Math can be had at One-Legged Cow Press. He has been in small press publications since 1972. He probably will go away soon.

Copyright © 2005 by Willie Smith

Bewildering Stories bibliography

Prose Fiction
Another Story on the Myth of Eve
Solid Gas
Break for the Tape
Unsung Hero (in 2 parts)
Control of the Bomb

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