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Leland H. Smithson

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I have studied Philosophy at SFU Vancouver, programming languages as UC Berkeley Extension, been a Soto Zen monk, a Nidon in Shorinji Kempo San Francisco, and worked as a scenic painter and plasterer for film. I spend my time between Vancouver, Canada and San Francisco, California.

Previously published:
“Spinoffs and Spin Backs” and “Zen-Moiré” 2013 on
“Saving Souls” 2011, Schlock! Horror Webzine UK
“Mail from Hub” 2008, CrossTime Science Fiction Anthology #7
“Ghost Skin” 2005, Nocturnal Ooze Magazine
“Invasion of Nod” 2004, Dream Quarterly International
“Skidder Trails” 2003, Elephant Magazine

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