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Angelo Snow grew up on Doctor Who novelisations and Emily Rhoda “Teen Club Inc.” mysteries. And this is plenty evident in the way he always exclaims that classic Doctor Who episodes were never as exciting as in the books and that its always in the last place you look (because after that, you stop searching).

Since then, Angelo Snow has become a doctor himself, a doctor of astrophysics. His interests are varied: from science fiction to polish ice fishing and likes to think of himself as eccentric (though he isn’t). Amongst his many ambitions is writing of all sorts, but especially science fiction because “you don’t need to do nothing for the research (sic).”

At the awards reception for winning his Golden Logie last year, Angelo went up to the podium to collect honorary award delivering the shortest speech in the award’s history: “I deserve this,” before returning to his seat.

Angelo currently (as of 2005) lives in Sydney, Australia with his twenty-three goldfish, a cat aptly named “cat,” a dog aptly named “dog,” a budgerigar aptly named “budgie” and a horse aptly name “stevie-the-boy-wonder-horse” or “stbwh” for short.

Angelo also writes for satirical blog plot synopsis and welcomes any comments (good or bad) to his personal email.

Copyright © 2005 by Angelo Snow

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