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Shannon Snyder

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Shannon Snyder was born and raised in the west, at the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming, amidst the ranches and rodeos. After a move to Iowa, she chose to attend Central College, where she is currently nearing the end of her studies in biology, chemistry, and Spanish.

Shannon recently returned to the U.S. from a semester spent in London collecting memories and postcards, and greatly prides herself in the many stamps in her passport.

At various times, she has worked for the Iowa Department of Public Health, the Cardinal Hume Family Center, and at local hospitals. Upon graduation of college, she hopes to have received an acceptance for medical school.

In her much-appreciated free time, Shannon can be found with her nose in a mystery or science fiction novel, her fingers busily typing away at the latest blog entry, or daydreaming about a new adventure in a beautiful foreign city.

With a continually insatiable thirst for exploration, Shannon aims to further develop her writing, and traverse the depths of creativity and human nature through written words.

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