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I am known as Fred to my Friends and hope you will call me Fred, I was born in Battle Creek Michigan, March 30, 1948, at 6 AM. My mother can attest to this fact; she was present at the time.

I have had a few short stories published in the e-zines, mainly in Planet magazine and Ibn Qirtaiba.

I am 56 years old and have two children and three step children, Theresa, 1968, Richard, 1970, Chasity, 1974, Iona, 1973, and Jason 1981. After 20 years of undetected crime in the USAF I have finally retired and can devote full time to my writing,

I have had a lifelong love of science fiction and writing in general but never tried to write until 1976. I never really got serious about it until I retired and had time to devote to my writing.

In addition to the occasional short story I am working a novel, called “Starship Clone” and I hope to have it finished by June.

I am still learning the writing craft and hope you enjoy reading my Humble works as much as I do writing them.

Copyright © 2005 by Frederick G. Soper

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