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Your website holds an far-reaching description: “Bewildering Stories offers a home and an audience to speculative writing. All genres are welcome in prose, poetry, drama and non-fiction.” The openness to drama is particularly interesting.

I offer for your consideration my radio drama titled “Dead Men Don”t Party.” In “Dead,” the Commanding Officer of the Fighting Ninth abandoned his command when his platoon was ambushed. Years later, at a commemorative ceremony to honor the Ninth, the only other survivor of the attack has tracked him down to make him pay for what happened. Find out who's really responsible, and for what, in “Dead Men Don”t Party.”

I started writing radio drama in 1994 and founded Hunterdon Radio Theatre in 1998 to open the medium to others. Since 1998, I've had a dozen scripts produced. In June 2004, another script, “Take the D.O.A. Train,” debuted in New York City. Two other scripts are in rehearsal for performance in New Jersey in February and March 2005.

“Dead Men Don”t Party” was first published on the Doorway to the Mind website in November 2004. It is now in their Archived Artist section which is a slightly challenging link. Please note, when you click on the Archived Artist link, the picture is that of Mindy Matijasevic, a lovely poet from the Bronx. Mindy and links to the other Archived Artists — Mindy Matijasevic, A.C. Westerman, and William Spear — are slightly hidden in the frame above Mindy's picture.

The link to my section of Doorwary's Archived Artist can be found here.

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